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Biomedical Engineering Technician Salary in the USA

Biomedical engineering technicians are responsible for repairing the sensitive medical equipment used in hospitals and clinics. As such, biomedical engineering technician jobs will increase significantly in the coming years, as more and more people are expected to rely on them for their health care needs in the future.

Highest Paying States for a Biomedical Engineering Technician

You have the best chance of earning a high biomedical engineering technician salary in Alaska, as the average wage for workers in that state is $69,510 annually. Utah comes in second, with technicians there earning an average of $57,450 each year. Other states where earnings are high include Oregon, where the average annually salary is $57,160 ; Nebraska, a state in which technicians earn an average of $56,640; and New Jersey, where biomedical engineering technicians can expect an average annual salary of $54,630.

Lowest Paying States for a Biomedical Engineering Technician

The lowest biomedical engineering technician salary is earned by Puerto Rican workers, as individuals in that U.S. territory make an average of $32,680 annually. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are also ten states where technicians earn lower-than-average wages. One is Wyoming, where individuals can expect to make around $33,240 annually. Others include Arkansas, where the average salary is $35,650; Oklahoma, with workers earning an average of $36,020; and Louisiana, with an average annual wage of $37,000.

What is the Average Salary for a Biomedical Engineering Technician?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks biomedical engineering technician salary information. This agency reports that the median annual salary for biomedical engineering technicians was $44,180 in May 2013, the last date for which data is available. Those on the lower end of the pay scale can expect to make around $12.95 per hour, which equates to an annual wage of approximately $26,930. Workers in the top 10% of wage earners may make as much as $72,660 each year.

Highest Paying Biomedical Engineering Technician Industries

Pay not only varies by state, but by industry. For example, biomedical engineering technician salary is highest in general medical and surgical hospitals. Workers in those locations make an average of $50,430 annually, which is equal to an average hourly wage of around $22.74. Merchant suppliers and wholesalers also tend to pay workers more, with technicians in those in industries earning between $47,300 and $50,170 annually.

How to Increase Your Biomedical Engineering Technician Salary

Continuing education and certification plays a huge role in the amount of biomedical engineering salary one earns. Employers are constantly looking for people who have knowledge concerning the latest advances in medical technology. For this reason, workers who undergo continuing education on a regular basis or earn Biomedical Engineering Technician (BMET) certification are in high demand, and will therefore be able to earn more money.

The best equipment in the world isn’t useful unless it is functioning properly. A biomedical engineering technician plays an important role in making sure equipment is ready to perform its required purpose in order to save lives and ensure public health.