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Biomedical Equipment Technician Career

The medical equipment found in hospitals and other medical facilities are crucial for monitoring patients’ health and for treating their medical problems. If the equipment is not functioning properly or if the equipment is not working at all, patients’ lives could be at stake. That’s why it’s important for all of the equipment to be kept running properly at all times. The person responsible for maintaining the equipment is the biomedical equipment technician.

What is a Biomedical Equipment Technician?

A biomedical equipment technician possesses the skills needed to ensure that all medical equipment is safe, functioning properly, and is properly installed and configured. Biomedical equipment technicians can be employed by hospitals or clinics, or they can work for independent service organizations, the equipment manufacturer, or the military. Their job is to install the equipment, inspect and maintain the equipment, calibrate the equipment, and repair damaged equipment. Biomedical equipment technicians even help to educate medical personnel about how the equipment operates and the proper safety procedures for using the equipment.

How to Make Career in It?

Sometimes when there is less responsibility involved for the job, on-the-job training is all that is needed to perform the job. However, biomedical equipment technicians generally have an associate degree in biomedical equipment technology, engineering, or electronics. Some biomedical equipment technicians also go on to obtain bachelor degrees, master’s degrees, and even doctorate degrees. Depending on the level of responsibility for the particular job, sometimes a minimum of a bachelor degree is a requirement for the job. In addition, training in this field can also be obtained through the military.

After a degree has been obtained, many biomedical equipment technicians gain experience through internships and then move on to more gainful employment opportunities. Continuing education is often provided by medical equipment manufacturers in order to keep the technicians up to date on new developments.

There are also a variety of certifications that biomedical equipment technicians can obtain in order to become a certified biomedical equipment technician, or CBET. Becoming a CBET is not required for obtaining employment in this field of work, but it is encouraged and those who have that certification title are well respected.

In addition to having the proper schooling or training, those in this field of work should also possess good eye-hand coordination and great manual dexterity as these are skills that are necessary for assembling and disassembling equipment. Because biomedical equipment technicians often have a lot of work to do, it is essential that they have great time management skills as well.

This occupation involves a lot of time spent on your feet as well as bending and twisting at odd angles, so good physical health is important for ensuring you possess the stamina to perform the job. You also need to have troubleshooting skills since sometimes the problems with the equipment are not clearly evident and may take some time to figure out.

How Different is a Biomedical Equipment Technician from a Biomedical Technician?

The term ‘biomedical technician’ is quite broad and describes those who work both in the engineering aspect and the technological aspect of solving both medical and biological problems of individuals. This includes designing, working on, and using medical equipment as well as performing research and laboratory work, and tracking and measuring biomedical data through the use of computers and other forms of technology.

A biomedical equipment technician works with the medical devices and equipment in a variety of ways including designing, manufacturing, maintaining, and repairing the devices and equipment. The term biomedical equipment technician is sometimes also referred to as biomedical technician, though some biomedical technicians work more on the research side of things rather than with the equipment itself.

How Much Does a Biomedical Equipment Technician Earn?

The amount of money a biomedical equipment technician can earn depends on a number of factors, such as how much experience they have in their field, the state they are employed in, and the company they are employed with. Overall, biomedical equipment technicians can expect to earn anywhere between $30,000 and $60,000 a year on average.

Those working as biomedical equipment technicians who also obtain various certifications such as Certified Laboratory Equipment Specialists, Certified Biomedical Equipment Technicians, and Certified Radiology Equipment Specialists generally make more money than those who do not have certifications.

biomedical equipment technician salary

The future job outlook for biomedical equipment technicians is extremely good. This occupation is one of the fastest growing occupations right now and is expected to continue to grow for the next several years.