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Biomedical Laboratory Technician Career

Biomedical laboratory technicians are providing assistance to the physicians in the diagnosis process as well as during treatments. This is where they perform numerous tests on blood, tissues and the other bodily fluids. It is also the responsibility of the biomedical laboratory technician to work from offices of doctors and hospitals to deliver support and assistance needed with day to day operations.

What is a biomedical laboratory technician?

The main role of a biomedical laboratory technician will be to provide assistance to the doctors in moving forward with diagnostic process. In case of a person is ill, it is important to do a proper diagnosis and understand the specific factors that are responsible for making the person ill. This is where it is possible to understand the agents that exist in the body and make them ill. The Biomedical laboratory technician will have to use appropriate tools and technologies to proceed with this diagnosis.

A Biomedical laboratory technician will have to test tissue cells and blood samples that are collected from a patient. Then it is possible to figure out what the exact factors responsible for leading a person towards illnesses is. Along with that, it is also possible to understand whether a specific treatment is working to deliver positive returns to the patients as well.

The Biomedical laboratory technician would usually be a trained professional. He will be able to conduct a variety of tests on samples that are being collected out of patients. However, the biomedical laboratory technician would not interpret any of the test results. The test results will be handed over to physicians and it is the responsibility of the physicians to interpret them.

How to become a certified biomedical laboratory technician?

A Biomedical laboratory technician should be equipped with some important technical skills. Due to the same reason, you should go through an appropriate training program as well. In most of the instances, you will need to have an Associate’s degree to become a biomedical laboratory technician and fulfill your responsibilities. However, there are situations where a certificate would be enough as well. This varies based on the amount of training that you will be able to get. If you can get a better training, you will be able to perform better as a biomedical laboratory technician.

After education, you will have to obtain a license to become a biomedical laboratory technician as well. This depends on the part of the world where you live in.

Biomedical laboratory technician jobs

As a biomedical laboratory technician, you will have to work mainly with the diagnosis of illnesses. This is where you will have to analyze the blood and body tissue samples that are provided to you. You will have to stay within a lab and keep on analyzing the samples that you will get on a daily basis.

There are some important skills that you will need to be equipped with to get the most out of biomedical laboratory technician. Out of them, quality assurance and control skills hold a prominent place. On the other hand, it is also important to have a strong knowledge and understanding on patient care, laboratory testing, laboratory equipment and customer service. In some of the instances, you will be asked to proceed with specimen collection work as well. This would vary based on the nature of work that you will have to do.

One of the most important factors you need to know about biomedical laboratory technician is that you will have to work under time pressure. In some of the instances, you will face situations where lots of samples are being sent on your way. You will have to battle with time and get those samples. This can make you feel overwhelmed at times. Hence, it is important to remain mindful about the work that you do and refrain from getting stressed out due to the work related responsibilities that you have to fulfill.

You will need to adhere to strict safety protocols at the time of working as a biomedical laboratory technician as well. That’s because you will have to handle many different types of testing materials and samples on a daily basis. If there is an infectious disease, it is important for the biomedical laboratory technicians to understand the risk associated with exposure. Hence, you will need to work with strict safety protocols. This will not just help you to ensure your safety, but can also ensure the safety around you. On the other hand, these safety measures will be able to deliver all the support that you need with maintaining accuracy as well. For example, if a sample is mishandled, it could contaminate others. As a result, all the testing efforts would be in vain.

How much does a biomedical laboratory technician make?

According to statistical information, the average annual salary of a person who is working as a biomedical laboratory technician is just above $53,000. This is a job that is linked with a solid growth. In other words, it is possible to experience an employment growth of around 11% in the biomedical laboratory technicians. Therefore, the salary would increase along with the demand.


If you are interested in working in a laboratory as a biomedical laboratory technician, this is one of the best options available out there to consider. You will be able to get the knowledge and experience needed to become a biomedical laboratory technician without facing any struggles. On the other hand, you will be able to help the doctors as well as patients with proper diagnosis.

Once you become a biomedical laboratory technician, you will be stepping into a career that has a high demand in the future. Due to the increased use of laboratories for medical diagnosis, you will have to deal with lots of samples in the future. This can deliver a great employment opportunity for anyone.