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Biomedical Repair Technician Salary in the USA

Medical technology has advanced, making it possible to perform certain tests and procedures much easier by using highly specialized medical equipment. All this equipment will eventually need servicing, which is where a biomedical repair technician comes in. Those who repair medical equipment can enjoy a lucrative salary and benefits package that varies based on a number of factors.

Highest Paying States for a Biomedical Repair Technician

Biomedical repair technician salary is higher in certain states than it is in others. One of them is Alaska, as technicians there make an average of $69,510 annually. Next to Alaska, Utah residents rank second, with biomedical repair technicians in that state earning an average of $57,450 each year. Other states that round out the top five salary earners include Oregon, where technicians earn $57,160 annually; Nebraska, a state in which workers make an average of $56,640; and New Jersey, where individuals can expect an average annual salary of $54,630.

Lowest Paying States for a Biomedical Repair Technician

According to information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the lowest biomedical repair technician salary is found in Puerto Rico, with workers there averaging $32,680 per year. Among the states, technicians in Wyoming are the lowest paid, earning an average of $33,240. Other states where technicians may earn less than the median annual wage include Arkansas, with workers netting an average salary of $35,650; Oklahoma, where employees can expect an average of $36,020 each year; and Louisiana, where the average annual salary is a flat $37,000 per year.

What is the Average Salary for a Biomedical Repair Technician?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics compiles data in order to determine the median annual biomedical repair technician salary. This agency reports that the median annual salary for biomedical repair technicians was$44,180 in May 2013. Those at the bottom end of the pay scale can expect to make around $12.95 per hour, which amounts to an annual wage of approximately $26,930. Workers at the top of the pay scale can expect to earn as much as $72,660 each year.

Highest Paying Biomedical Repair Technician Industries

If you’re looking for a higher biomedical repair technician salary, seek employment at a general medical or surgical hospital. Workers there earn more than others do, making an average of $50,430 annually, or an average hourly wage of around $22.74. Those who work for merchant suppliers and wholesalers are also top earners, and average salaries that range from $47,300 to $50,170 annually.

How to Increase Your Biomedical Repair Technician Salary

Those who have obtained Biomedical Engineering Technician (BMET) certification are in high demand, and will therefore earn more money. Workers who are knowledgeable about newer, more advanced equipment are also in high demand. As such, you should consider becoming certified or taking continuing education courses to increase your knowledge and become qualified for higher paying positions.

Those who hold down biomedical repair technician jobs are rarely seen, but nonetheless play an important role in ensuring the health and safety of others. This career will allow you to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere, while also earning a respectable wage.