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Learn about Biomedical Technician Schools

Biomedical technicians are professionals who deal with medical equipment. Their scope of work includes inspection, repair, installation, assembly, and calibration of medical equipment. Their role also involves maintenance of medical components, taking preventive measures, lubricating equipment parts and making adjustments to ensure that the devices are working fine.

Biomedical technicians need to continue learning about the new equipment and their features by attending seminars. Maintaining records, learning about proper use and maintenance of medical equipment are covered in the seminars.

What is the length of a biomedical technician training program?

  • Associate’s Degree- This healthcare profession generally requires an associate’s degree in an accredited biomedical tech program. This program covers lessons on how to test equipment, how to make advanced repairs and calibrate medical devices, and certain technological and engineering concepts are covered. This course takes two years.
  • Bachelor’s Degree- A bachelor’s degree in biomedical technician requires four years. It covers advanced bio-instrumentation, equipment design, biomedical equipment maintenance and support and much more.
  • Other courses- There are other small courses and training programs for enhancing biomedical technician skills or upgrading knowledge. The terms of the courses depend upon the kind of program you choose.

How Much Does biomedical technician School Cost?

The cost of the program varies from one school to another. Also, bachelor’s degree and associate’s degree are priced differently. The quotes mentioned below are inclusive of tuition fees, fees, housing, book and material supplies.

  • The annual cost for a two-year associate’s program ranges from $6,000 – $35, 00, 00.
  • The annual cost for a bachelor’s degree of four years ranges from $23,000 to $48,000.

In case you are unable to afford a program, there are schemes and financial aids that you may apply for. A part-time job is also a good way to enhance your finances.

How to find a biomedical technician school that is right for you?

It can be challenging to find the right biomedical technician school because there are many criteria that you must consider. Here is a list of the few things that you must take into your account before enrolling in a biomedical technician school.

  • Location of the school

The geography of the school is an important factor in terms of convenience and finances. You must have sufficient finances to support yourself in the city where the school is located. Some biomedical technician schools have restrictions where admission preferences are in favor of the residents.

Prioritize your needs and figure out your financial standing before applying to any school. Also, the distance between your home and the school must be considered. It is an inconvenience to travel long distances on a daily basis.

  • Programs offered by the school

Check out the programs which are offered by the biomedical technician school. Whether you are looking for an associate’s degree program, a bachelor’s program or a 6-months course, you must check out the eligibility criteria, term of the course and its scope.

If you are looking for specialization courses, talk to the staff and make an inquiry regarding the particular training course you are interested in.

If you want a specialty certificate, ensure that the course provides that upon completion.

  • Count of schools

There are many medical schools that have biomedical technology courses and programs. Take a look at the profiles of average students who are accepted in your preferred schools. Most universities and school have the necessary details mentioned on the website.

Take into account the finances, geographical location and personal preferences and list out 13-15 schools where you will apply. This will maximize your chances of getting accepted. If your grade or MCAT score is a hindering factor, you can apply to more school. However, it is a good idea to keep it less than 20 schools unless time and money are not constraints for you.

An important certification that biomedical technicians must consider earning is Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician (CBET) certification. If you have an associate’s degree and a work experience of two years, you can qualify for this exam. This certification will be highly valuable for your profession. It is a surer proof of your commitment to keeping updated with the current technology in biomedical equipment.