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Biomedical Technologists Career

Technology has penetrated into the field of biomedicine, which has accelerated the treatment options that are available for the people to get. Along with that, there is an increased demand for the people who specialize in maintaining technology and the applications created out of the best use of technology. This is where the biomedical technologist would come into play. The main job role of biomedical technologist is to work with different biomedical equipment that can be found in a hospital or any other healthcare facility. However, it is a broad job and you will have to focus on numerous other factors to fulfill all the responsibilities that are assigned to you while working as a biomedical technologist.

What does a biomedical technologist do?

The biomedical technologists are also called as biomedical equipment technicians. They are responsible for operating and maintaining medical equipment. These medical equipment will be subjected to wear and tear along with time. As a result, they can break down as well. In such instances, the biomedical technologists will need to work on the repairs of equipment accordingly.

In order to work as a biomedical technologist, it is important for a person to have a clear understanding about the different medical equipment that exist within a healthcare facility. There are many different types of equipment. It would be the responsibility of biomedical technologist to have a complete understanding about all these different medical equipment and ensure that they are properly being used.

When new medical equipment comes to the healthcare facility, it would be the responsibility of a biomedical technologist to proceed with installing them. On the other hand, you will need to ensure that the equipment you install are working efficiently. For example, if calibrations have to be done in the equipment, it would be your responsibility to take care of them.

You will need to have a strong understanding on how to keep the equipment in proper working condition at all times. You must carefully go through instruction manuals and get the knowledge you want. Likewise, you will need to attend the training sessions as well. In most of the instances, the biomedical technologists will be asked to do demonstrations to others and show how different medical equipment are being used. You will need to focus on that. If there is a need to replace a part in a medical equipment, a biomedical technologist will need to attend to it and get the job done as well.

How do you become a certified biomedical technologist?

An associate degree is the minimum educational requirement that a person should possess in order to become a biomedical technologist. Most of the biomedical technologists that you can find in the industry have got in with the help of their associates degrees. However, you should also keep in mind that a bachelor’s degree is available for the people who wish to become biomedical technologists as well.

There are some key skills that you will need to keep in mind when working as a biomedical technologist. For example, you will have to focus on installation, repair and testing of medical equipment. When you get the education and training, you can receive a complete understanding about different biomedical equipment that are used in the hospitals. You can deep dive and learn more about their functionality. This knowledge will be able to deliver much-needed assistance you need with excelling in the job that you do.

Biomedical technologist jobs

As a biomedical technologist, you will have to mainly work from a hospital. That’s because your primary job role includes taking care of the different medical equipment that are used in the hospitals. The day to day work includes using different medical equipment, especially of an expert is needed to ensure their operation. Apart from this main responsibility, you will have to work on installation of medical equipment as well as maintenance of such equipment as well.

There are situations where you will be called for emergency repairs. It is important for you to be available at all times to attend into such emergency repairs. On top of that, you must ensure that the comfort levels of all patients who go through the treatments is retained at any given time.

The demand available for people who work as biomedical technologists will increase by around 4% within the next decade. The biggest resistance available for the growth of jobs would be the increasing reliability of medical equipment. Along with the increasing reliability of medical equipment, number of repairs that you will have to attend would reduce. Along with that, you will have to spend little time on the repairs.

How much does a biomedical technologist make?

According to the statistical information collected by Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary that you will be able to earn as a biomedical technologist would be around $52,000. Along with your experience, you will be able to increase the salary that you are getting. For example, the starting salary would be around $40,000 and you will be able to increase that to around $60,000 after an experience of around 10 years. The job demand would increase slightly for biomedical technologists. However, we cannot expect it to create a massive impact on the salary that you can earn while you are working as a biomedical technologist.


Any person who is looking for a job opportunity in the medical industry will be able to think about becoming a biomedical technologist. You will be able to work for the job and ensure that you get highly rewarding results. That’s because your day to day work deals with helping the patients and taking good care of advanced machines that are available in healthcare environment. You will also be able to take the next step of your career change by becoming a biomedical engineer by going for an appropriate training program. No matter what, this would be a job opportunity that you would love to engage with.