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Medical Equipment Technician Career

A medical equipment technician is a person who will have to work with complex medical equipment that can usually be found in hospitals. You will need to ensure the proper functionality of those complex equipment available in the hospitals. There are numerous equipment available in the hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world. They are used for diagnosis as well as medical therapy.

Some of the most prominent examples for advanced equipment that are available in the hospitals and research facilities include artificial kidney machines, heart lung machines, electronic, electrical and chemical analyzes or devices. There should be trained and skilled technicians to ensure proper functionality of these machines. That’s where the medical equipment technicians would be able to help the healthcare facilities.

Medical equipment technician job description

The main job role of a medical equipment technician would be to inspect, repair and maintain medical equipment that are available in healthcare facilities. When new medical equipment are brought into the healthcare facility, it would be a responsibility of you to go ahead with the installation process as well. Along with the knowledge and experience you have, it is important to get the installation process done while ensuring the delivery of quality returns at all times. This will help you to fulfill your job role and cater what you are supposed to do.

In some of the instances, the medical equipment technicians will have to work on disassembling the medical equipment as well. For example, if there is an issue with a medical equipment, it would be the role of a medical equipment technician to proceed with the disassembly process. Along with that, you will need to understand all the malfunctioning components found in the medical device. Once you locate the malfunctioning feature, you will have to attend to the repairs. There are situations where you will have to replace the defective parts as well. Once you are done with the repairs, you will need to carefully reassemble the medical equipment, so that it works according to the way how it is supposed to operate.

However, your job as a medical equipment technician would not just be limited to machines. You will need to ensure that the machines are safe enough to be operated on patients. You will need to use your expert knowledge and eliminate all the risk factors that can lead the patients to troubles. Moreover, you will have to ensure the responsibility of other staff members who are working for the healthcare facility.

How to become a certified medical equipment technician?

To become a medical equipment technician, you will need to have an associate’s degree in biomedical equipment engineering. But if you can go for a bachelor’s degree, it is even better and you will be able to increase your chances of finding a solid job in the industry with minimum struggles.

However, educational qualifications alone will never be able to help you with becoming a medical equipment technician. There are some additional hands on training knowledge and experience that you would need to have. This will usually be offered to you along with education. But if you don’t receive that hands on training experience from the educational program you select, it is important for you to think about following an appropriate course, which will help you with getting the knowledge you want. Then you can easily enter into the industry and fulfill your responsibilities.

Medical equipment technician jobs

People who work for medical equipment technician jobs will have to work on the repairs of anything that can be found in a typical hospital environment. This even includes the hospital beds that are not in proper condition. However, you cannot just expect to repair the basic equipment that are malfunctioning in a hospital environment. It is up to you to focus on the repair of some of the advanced equipment that are not properly functioning in a hospital environment. For example, you will have to work on repairing all the elctrocardio graphic devices and the spectro photometers.

Not all the repair work that you will have to do as a medical equipment technician are mechanical as well. There are situations where you will have to work along with software to proceed with the repairing work. It all varies based on the roles and responsibilities that are assigned to you at the hospital environment. If there is something that is not properly functioning in a hospital environment, you should take care of the responsibility of managing and operating it.

You will need to work on routine maintenance of different equipment in the hospital as well. If they are not subjected to routine maintenance, there is a high possibility for them to encounter problems. This is where you will need to ensure that you are taking proper care of the routine maintenance work. Then you will be able to ensure that you are getting the most accuracy out of equipment that are available within the facility where you work for. You can ensure that healthcare specialists are provided with all the support and assistance needed to go ahead with using them to perform their medical tests.

How much does a medical equipment technician earn?

As per the statistical information, the average annual salary that a person who is into medical equipment technician profession will be able to earn is around $49,200. However, the starting salary would be much low. If you join as a trainee, you will have to expect a very low salary of around $25,000. However, you will be able to increase the salary to around $60,000 with 10 years of experience in working in the industry. The average growth projected for this profession for the next 10 years would be 4%.


Any person who wants to become a technician in the healthcare environment can think about joining the industry as a medical equipment technician. It is a great job opportunity available for you to engage with and get amazing returns.